Mental Health Counseling

Mental health counseling helps individuals, groups and families to lead a life that involves good mental health and overall well being. Mental health counseling is done by a trained professional, who is called a mental health counselor. There are several issues that get covered under the broad umbrella of mental health counseling. {mosgoogle right}It is generally aimed at people who are not suffering from any major mental disorder, but do not have a very good mental health, which causes the person to lead a unwholesome life. Some of the issues that are tacked in mental health counseling are problems such as stress management, family and parenting problems, marital problems, substance abuse, problem with self esteem and suicidal tendencies.

The practices of mental health counseling are quite diverse and also dynamic. Therefore mental health counselors can diagnose the problem and suggest you a path of remedy that will be suitable for you, in a personalized way. Mental health counselors are professionally trained in various therapeutic techniques that they use in order to address the above mentioned issues. Mental health counseling is being increasingly employed today to help individuals deal with career and job concerns, which is rapidly on the rise in these times of economic recession. According to USA Today, the first sign of a great depression is that people begin to seek mental health counseling, which is happening today. Therefore it is important in today’s context and needs to be embraced in order for you to lead a happy life.

Mental health counseling is much more effective than other related counseling like throug h social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists. This is because the mental health counselors are well trained in the use of psycho-educational model in order to counsel their clients. In mental health counseling, this is used along with the more traditional models for diagnosis. This gives the mental health counselor a chance to look at diverse problems and also look at each problem through different angles, so that he can give his best judgment and treatment methodology for that problem.

Mental health counseling is a proactive process and it attempts to make a positive impact on the overall life of the person. It helps the individual to lead a more wholesome and fulfilling life, while addressing and removing certain negative thought trains and emotions that may be running in his mind due to whatever reason. There are also mental health counselors who are specialized in certain areas that address the needs of a certain specific group of people, such as su bstance abuse, abusive marriages etc. This gives the mental counselor a chance to understand all the complexities involved in a certain issue that people face and therefore be in a better position to help people overcome the problem. For example, Daily Comet tells about Terrebonne Children’s Advocacy Center and how it specializes in helping victims of child abuse. It has helped many people overcome such ghastly childhood memories and lead a more promising and positive life by providing in-house mental health counseling.

There have been several success stories regarding mental counseling and how it has helped individuals shape up their lives and make a positive impact on the society. For example, there is an increased need being felt for mental health counseling among the serving and veteran military officials. A war is certainly a very stressful time for a soldier, and seeing the horrors of the war unfold before his eyes can be traumatic. The thin line between life and death and the constant exposure to gross violence can mentally disturb even the strongest men. According to USAtoday (, American troops in Iraq are increasingly beginning to see the positive aspects of mental health counseling and therefore are becoming more open to it. There were times in Iraq when suicide was at an all time high among the American troops, and mental health counseling really helped to mitigate the problem.

At the end, it is important to remove the misconception that mental health counseling is for the people who are weak and somehow it is not very socially acceptable. Mental health counseling provides you with a positive outlook towards life. You don’t need to be suffering from some serious mental problem in order to visit a menta l health counselor. In fact, visiting one in time will save you from a potential serious mental condition later on. If you think you can do with some help in your life in order to look at the bright side of things, then you should explore mental health counseling for yourself and see the benefits yourself. In addition, if you know of some friend or family member who you think needs professional help in his life, then you should encourage her to see a mental health counselor, just to make sure things are right, and if they are not, then to set things right before the situation gets worse.

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